KDD Trust Day 2021

Date & Time: August 15th, Singapore time.
Venue: Zoom link available on August 15th, Singapore time.


Today’s Computing is characterized by an increasing degree of complexity, comprehensiveness and collaboration. The complexity can be observed by the wide application of gigantic models with a huge number of parameters and structures of an unprecedented level of sophistication. The comprehensiveness is best illustrated by the high heterogeneity of data both in terms of format and source. The collaboration, finally, becomes an obvious trend when computing systems grow more open and decentralized in which various entities interact to achieve collective intelligence with the presence of potentially malicious behavior. Trust, therefore, has become critical at multiple levels: At model level to assure its integrity, fairness and interpretability; At data level to safeguard data quality, compliance and privacy; At system level to govern resilience, performance and incentive. Moreover, the notion of trust has long been discussed in different domains in both academia and industry with different definition and understanding. This special theme “Trust Day” of KDD 2021 has therefore aimed to bring together researchers, practitioners and experts from various communities to exchange and explore ideas, frontiers, opportunities and challenges under the broad theme of “trust” in a highly interdisciplinary manner.